Ritual Services

Services that help you clear and align the energy of your energetic body and physical space to create the optimal environment for well-being and spiritual growth. 


Expand your understanding of sacred teachings and gain spiritual wisdom.

Healing Sessions

Powerful, ancient healing tools designed to help you create optimal physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health.

Upcoming Events

May 31st, 2023.       Healing Day, CA

May 31st, 2023.       7 Mystery Schools, CA

June 11&12, 2023    Healing Day, RI

June 15th, 2023.      Private Healing event, RI

Events & Sessions

Healings and Ritual Services are available through special events, private events and individual sessions.

Healing Temple

Full day Healing Temples are hosted in various location and offer a an opportunity to receive healings at a discounted rate in a supportive setting. 

Private Events

Healing and Ritual Services can be added to your private event for an exclusive group of people that you gather. 

Individual Sessions

Schedule a Private Session for anytime during normal office hours.